Practice Areas

I practice in the following areas of law: Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workers' Compensation, and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Personal Injury

Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life. However, when accidents occur as a result of the negligence or fault of another and cause injury, reparations should be made. I have handled many personal injury and motor vehicle accident cases over the years, and I can tell you that obtaining just compensation is not always easy. In fact, many times it is very difficult, but that challenge does not discourage me, nor should it discourage you. I will work with you to see that justice is served in your case.

Workers' Compensation

Injuries that occur at work are treated differently under the law than nearly every other type of injury. An injured employee does not have to prove that the injury was caused by their employer, but the types of compensation that are awarded in these cases are strictly limited by statute. This area of law also contains many doctrines that are unique and require an experienced practitioner to navigate them effectively.

I have been practicing in workers' compensation litigation for over twelve years, and I can use that experience to help you receive the benefits that you are entitled to. Don't rely on the insurance company to do what's best for you. Let me help guide you through this very complicated system.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Financial difficulties plague many individuals and families today. Whether they originate from unemployment, health problems, or simply poor financial management, debt problems can become too difficult to overcome. When this occurs, bankruptcy may be an attractive option to eliminate debt and provide a fresh start. The bankruptcy law and rules of procedure are exceedingly complicated, and unfamiliarity with them could lead to a denial of discharge or even criminal charges if a filing is incorrect.

I can discuss with you whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right option for you, or whether you might be better served by filing a different chapter of bankruptcy. I can also help you collect the required documents and information, and file the required paperwork with the court, as well as working with the trustee to bring your case to discharge and closure.